JZK X3 Magazine for Windows 10


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Software for warehouse management, purchasing and sales. Complaints, correspondence, goods and services. Warehouse documents, invoices. Orders to suppliers. The list of features in magazine 2013: * Invoices: Invoices, Billing, Sales Record, Invoice, Credit Memo, Invoice WZtki, Invoice margin, Invoice EU internal invoice, pro-forma Invoice, Receipt, Invoice, Invoice My, My account , * Shopping: Suppliers, RR, shopping, RR Invoice, Invoice Purchasing, Order for suppliers * Magazine: Production, Warehouse, Party, Release, Shift, Proof of delivery * Orders: Orders, Advances, Pre-invoice, final invoice, contract , General Order, Order of the internet, * Cash: Cash and cash payment KP Mortgage Payment with cash, new report cash, * Transfers: Transfers, my assignment, my transfer tax, transfer my Social Security, general transfer, transfer tax, transfer ZUS Zbiorówka, Postal, * Office: Mail, Envelope, Letter, Side Address, Address Labels, Note corrective, direct posting, confirmation of balances, Dunning, A complaint, * Services: Manufacturing, Product, * Extras: Images prasówka, diary, calculator, interest calculator, calculator ZIP, Currency Converter, * Databases: Contractors, Members, Currencies, handheld dictionaries, patterns prints, Codes, tax offices,